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DECEY Apr 18 295 views

How to become expert medical ?

How can I become a professional medical doctor

Dee’s Avatar
Dee Apr 18 586 views

What are some high paying jobs in the aviation indrusty besides from being a commercial pilot?

I really want to be part of the aviation indrustry.

Adama’s Avatar
Adama Apr 13 314 views

What are your tips for a rising high school senior who wants to go to medical school?

I’m a junior soon to be senior
I’m interested in anesthesiology

Anson’s Avatar
Anson Apr 16 482 views

Any advice for high school junior interested in nursing?

I’m from brooklyn new york

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 18 863 views

Can I get a Bachelors degree in Nutrition with only completing some pre requisite courses?

what courses do i need to prepare for a Nutritionist or do i need to take an Associates degree first

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Apr 17 300 views

Is having a BSN good for becoming a Med Student/Trauma surgeon? What is a good bachelors degree to have for those wanting to go into Medical School??

I am a High School Student that wants to become a surgeon and wanted to know if getting a BSN will count as a good degree for Med School

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Feb 20 822 views

What college classes should I take?

What classes should I take to join the military(Army) as a combat medic in college?

Tada’s Avatar
Tada Mar 07 628 views

how to i can be a doctor?

please help me

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Mar 15 703 views

How to be doctor?

How to be doctor?

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Feb 28 300 views

Do you need to be brave to be a nurse?

I am 13 and in 8th grade. I want to be a nurse.

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy Feb 28 392 views

How should I prepare myself to pursue a career in the medical field?

I am a junior in High School and I want to be a nurse/registered nurse.

Oliver’s Avatar
Oliver Feb 28 438 views

Why you are choose doctors occupation?

My dream was i wants to be a doctor.

Sylvanna’s Avatar
Sylvanna Feb 28 590 views

How can being more caring help me become a nurse?

Being more caring wont make me become a bad or mean nurse.

James’s Avatar
James Jan 08 741 views

What classes should I take or consider taking to become qualified and earn a job as a sports medicine physician?

“Career-attaining opportunities”

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Nov 15, 2023 462 views

Anyone who has gone to college to become a caseworker/health specialist, or to the military, what were your experiences, and would you recommend it ?

I'm a student researching career plans.