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Yareli Oct 25 240 views

What is the education needed for a orthopedic surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon is one of my interests in my future career and I want to know the education needed.

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shawn Sep 22 82 views

What classes do I have to take to become dermatologist?


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Tyler Jan 22, 2021 296 views

What age should I know my career path?

Very organized and quick thinker, goal oriented just haven't found the 10+ year goal. #age #career

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Oct 18 152 views

i wanna be this when i get out of school but i having trouble.

when i get out of school i wanna be either a doctor or a pediatrician because i like helping people, i just wanna know how long does it take and is it hard to get every thing ready for the job so you know everything.

maria’s Avatar
maria Jan 10, 2019 274 views

what is the better class for me in college ?

I like the carer of doctor #doctor

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Sophia Oct 18 85 views

What are good career paths for someone who enjoys working with children and wants to make a good amount of money?

I would enjoy doing something that helps children and deals with medical things. I also want to make a lot of money.

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11 235 views

Psychiatrist career ladder...

What are the steps ( in chronological order) to becoming a psychiatrist? I understand that one must achieve a bachelor's degree, go to med-school, and complete a residency, but I am not sure what order these steps should be taken in.

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 18 146 views

If I want to become an experienced veterinarian or doctor how many years would I be required to take in school?

I enjoy being around animals and working with them. At a previous school I attended Job shadowing for a veterinary office. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them take care and attend to these animals and it caused me to want to invest in this career when I grow older. I also want to consider...

Kalyssa’s Avatar
Kalyssa Oct 17 131 views

How do I become a Sports Medicine Nurse?

I want to specialize in providing care as a nurse to patients suffering from sports-related injuries.

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn Oct 18 84 views

What kind of careers would you recommend if I wanted to be in the medical field?

I am a freshman in High School and my Mom and Aunt are in the medical field. I look up to them a lot. I have always wanted to help people and also be in the medical field. I just want some careers to choose from.

Kalyssa’s Avatar
Kalyssa Oct 17 155 views

After I obtain a degree in advanced pediatric nurse practitioner, would I have to go into more schooling to specialize in orthopedics?

I want to work with children that have injuries or issues from sports, so I thought the correct pathway would be to become a nurse first and then specialize from there?

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Sep 27 181 views

What is the best place to research career choices?

I've been researching information about careers from outside sources. Most of the time, the numbers and information are different from one another, so I have no clue which one is true.

Revathi’s Avatar
Revathi Sep 22 144 views

What is the good undergrad for medicine?

I am high school senior thinking of becoming doctor. I have few options but not sure which will be the right one for undergrad 1. Business administration with premed, so that some day i can open my own clinic 2.Biomedical engineering with premed 3.Premed track - what jobs can i get if dont...

gianna’s Avatar
gianna Oct 03 131 views

How much money do these jobs make?

How long do I have to go to college to become a doctor? How much money do therapists make? What does a real estate agent do? How much money do nurses make?

isaac’s Avatar
isaac Oct 03 348 views

How much money does a experience welding in Texas?

Job Corps student in Texas