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What is the best college for me

I want and will become a Surgeon no matter what it takes, and I would like to know what college is the best fit for my preferences. Pediatric Surgeon specializing in Oncology, what college, in or out of state (Utah) would fit this description best. #doctor #pediatrics #surgery #surgeon #oncology

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Sage,

When choosing a school with a pediatric oncology program, students may want to keep the following considerations in mind:

Graduate programs for pediatric oncology nurse practitioners require students to be registered nurses (R.N.s) prior to enrollment, while fellowships require the M.D. degree and a completed residency.

Some schools provide master's programs with a specific focus on pediatric oncology, while others offer a general oncology program with elective courses in pediatrics.

Post-master's certificate programs are designed to supplement education in one or both areas of study.

Fellowships for M.D.s vary from one institution to another; doctors will want to thoroughly investigate fellowship opportunities in order to find an appropriate match.

Those wishing to receive as much exposure to diverse patient populations as possible may want to consider applying at a large children's hospital or to a school that offers rotations at multiple sites.

Often, more opportunities can be found in larger metropolitan areas.

Top 10 Pediatric Medical Schools:

University of Pennsylvania (Perelman) 4-year, Private

Harvard University 4-year, Private

University of Cincinnati 4-year, Public

Johns Hopkins University 4-year, Private

University of Colorado 4-year, Public

University of California - San Francisco 4-year, public

Stanford University 4-year, Private

University of Washington 4-year, Public

Baylor College of Medicine 4-year, Private

Washington University in St. Louis 4-year, Private

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All the best for you!