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Career Questions tagged Agronomy

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Mar 18 128 views

Is there an option of being a microbiologist without working in the clinical area?

I have a bachelor's degree in agronomy, but my biggest dream is to become a microbiologist. The issue is that I wouldn´t say I like the hospital environment or being around clinical samples. So, my doubt is there other areas of microbiology that I can study and work on without being in the...

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Jan 31 86 views

How to I achieve being a plant pathologist?

I´m currently ending my bachelor´s degree on Agronomy, but also I love microbiology. For the past last two years I started been an assistant for a phytopathologist and it has been the greatest time. I want to know with academic path do I need to do to become a plant pathologist and to know if...

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Adam Nov 20, 2019 364 views

What major is needed to work your way toward a career in agronomy?

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