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m May 30, 2016 758 views

what is the use of reading social

unable to understand social #social

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m May 25, 2016 730 views

i wants to becom a doctor what coarce we have to do

to become a doctor #doctor

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m May 23, 2016 837 views

why we have to do jobs

do the jobs #jobs

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m May 21, 2016 862 views

how i can improve my spoken english

i am unable to speak english #english

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m May 18, 2016 790 views

what we have to do to be a doctor

to be a doctor #doctor

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m May 17, 2016 721 views

why i dont understand maths subject

unable to understand #maths

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m May 16, 2016 978 views

what is the use of science subject

what is science #science

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m May 13, 2016 1219 views

I am weak in social subjects. How can i understand it better in an easy way?

I want to study about social studies, but i can't understand. #education #social #humanities #social-science