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How to get better recognition for public influencer

I would like to help kids in the city of Detroit with things like education, sports and support on anything they need #community# education teaching sports

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3 answers

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Tenaea A.’s Answer

To get recognition as a public influencer, you need to be versatile. Be present on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. Create a podcast and be on radio, television, etc. Write an op-ed in your local papers and/or publications. Take every chance to be noticed.

Tenaea A. recommends the following next steps:

Create social media accounts and post frequently
Be creative and exciting
Post across different mediums of media
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Marylou’s Answer

Find a location where they can gather after school, use your community as resources. The children here are exposed to reading, arts and crafts, and sewing, and indoor/outdoor activities 😀
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T.’s Answer

Engage With Your Audience
Be Regular and Consistent
Select Your Niche
Understand Your Audience
Optimize Your Social Media Profiles.
Create and Post Relevant consistent content
Let Brands Know You're open to Collaborations.