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Diana B. Sep 10, 2019 106 views

Does anybody knows a good internship for pediatrician?

I'm a senior in High School and I' #pediatrician #internship m currently interested in becoming a pediatrician. I would like to know if someone knows a good internship in Houston for a future...

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Isabeth M. Apr 13 105 views

How can I get involved in economics and political science? Especially with research. How can I be a leader with these interests?

I’d like to become involved in economics and poli sci and really stand out as a high school student. Are there any recommendations for research or extracurriculars I can start. I have seen people publish books and start organizations and I don’t really have any ideas so far. I am really...

#college #political-science #college-major #international-relations #international #high-school #economics #politics

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Amaya C. Apr 14 126 views

How do I get more information about where to acquire political experience.

I’m a college freshmen sociology major that goes to a hbcu and I just recently became fond of political science and government. I would love to acquire more knowledge about the major and where I should start to gain experience in that field. #college-major #political-science #sociology...


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mya T. May 20 168 views