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How do I get more information about where to acquire political experience.

I’m a college freshmen sociology major that goes to a hbcu and I just recently became fond of political science and government. I would love to acquire more knowledge about the major and where I should start to gain experience in that field. college-major political-science sociology hbcu

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6 answers

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Amreh’s Answer

Hello Amaya,

When considering any career or passion of choice, I highly recommend contacting experts in the respected fields and inquire about their day to day routines.

Political Science can serve as starting platform for numerous amount of careers. Most often careers such as Esquires, Politics and Government officials often has a Political Science degree within their backgrounds. When Government officials careers are considered one must take into consideration careers on a local, state, and federal scale. Other careers that are often begin with a Political Science degree are as follows:

1. Legislative Assistant
2. Political Consultant
3. Intelligence Analyst
4. Political Campaign Staff
5. Law Enforcement
6. Marketing Research Analyst
7. Judge
8. Lawyer
9. Policy Analyst
10. Political Campaign Staff

Political Science can open can be considered the key to opening up careers that other majors potentially may not. Along with the Political Science degree one must strongly consider exactly which career path they wish to pursue in additional to the Political Science due the broadness of the degree. Being able to have a plan along with its contingencies regarding the pursuit of the career often assist in specifying the exact career one wishes to undertake.

Joining student organizations often has pre-established relationships with professionals and organizations in the respected industries. In the event there's no representation on the student organization level, at that point allow your natural leader capabilities to emerge to establish and create one.

Lastly, have you considered dual majors in both Sociology and Political Science, upon your research you may find there's a career path that coincides directly with, your passion, values, and goals in life.

Best of Wishes.
I have considered changing my major to political science and minoring in sociology so that I can have an idea of where to pursuit a career. I definitely will be joining student organizations thank you so much for your answer. Amaya C.
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Daniel’s Answer

For starters, look into opportunities that involve community service,
This will give everyday people a chance to get know who you are, and how you work towards taking on and resolving issue that effect your community.
Make a real difference in the lives of those around you, And before you know it, you'll have a growing panel of supporters who will seek to support you in your initial campaign for a city council position that would allow you to have make an even bigger impact on the community you represent.
Focus on improving the financial and educational gaps that have been neglected by your predaccessor(s)
And, above all, listen to your constituents, and consider their concerns and criticisms, as an opportunity for personal improvement
Take the time to learn from their experiences, especially with those that affect the safety and security of your constituents and theirfamilies.
Before you know it, people will begun pressing you to run for higher office.
. because, at that point they will know what to expect from you.
Depending on what your personal expectations, and the strength of your integrity, you could be looking at positions that may exceed your expectations. And have a solid, Grass Roots foundation of loyal constituents that will do most of the work for you.
But it has to start with your commitment at street level.
Thank you so much Daniel! Amaya C.
You are very welcome, I hope I was able to provide something useful. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me here. Daniel Moore
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Syed’s Answer

Hi Amaya,

You should consider Student Government at your HBCU to get an understanding of things like the Parliamentary Process, running in an election, forming coalitions, etc. This is something you can do while in college.

In school and during the summers, you can also work on political campaigns for local elections (city council, county government, state legislature, governor, judges, US Representative and Senate races). You can do all types of roles from campaign marketing to canvasing, etc.

Here’s an unpaid summer internship you can do at the White House in the Department of Education:

Here’s another summer internship program in the US Congress for HBCU students:

You should also consider getting specialized experience in an area like economics and working for think tanks down the line.
I'm more than thankful for your answer Syed! I just applied for the internships thank you so much. Amaya C.
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Tenaea A.’s Answer

You can volunteer in a school group such as Student Government, Campus Democrats/Republicans, etc.

You can volunteer in local groups such as County Democrats/Republicans, etc.

Take government, honors level civic classes in order to learn more about the science of politics and governments.
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Dee’s Answer

Get involved in your community, participate in local activist programs. Join the political party affiliations in your city or state. You can volunteer to help out with local political parties or national, really depends on where you want to start. All of this experience is helping build your resume once you graduate. The more experience you can add the better as most businesses look to hire people with experience.
Thank you so much ! Amaya C.
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Kim’s Answer

Hi Amaya!

I too was a sociology major with an interest in political science! (many years ago). I think you will find the opportunities to get involved. I did it primarily through joining a community organization that was active in trying to stop the licensing of a nuclear plant! This was the early 1980's. The organization was happy to have me, and put me to work doing research tracking construction infractions and making sure the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) followed up on them. I also did my share of photo-copying and collating. The organization had "intervenor" status before the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, so we participated in Licensing Hearings. It got pretty scary when one of the hearings was held at the city where the plant was being built. The construction company packed the hearing with construction workers who would lose their jobs if we were successful.

Being in school, don't spread yourself too thin. You can't get in on every issue out there. This was my main activity, along with voter registration drives.

I'd like to discuss your courses you will take. I had an awful lot of theory classes, and came up short on classes that actually gave me practical skills. Shortly after leaving college I became a police officer, and got active in labor issues. I didn't know anything about budgets. Not a thing. So please keep this in mind. It's great to support causes and be able to motivate people, but, being able to offer viable alternatives to the status quo is also important. So, please look through your course options carefully. Don't just take Government 1033 if you can take something more useful like Campaigns and Elections instead. Try to learn budgets. Take a business class or two. It is important to learn how "the other side" thinks, so you can anticipate their reactions to your ideas. Many issues have "winners" and "losers."

I also want to encourage you to get into speech and possibly debate. Don't just take a class. Join the Toastmistress organization, where you will get regular practice making speeches. Public speaking is a necessity, and, you need to be comfortable and good at it!

Best of luck to you!
Thank you so much Kim your answer is more than helpful and I will take everything into consideration! Amaya C.