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How many hours are you required to be working a day for a grade teacher?

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5 answers

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Dalphne’s Answer

Schedules vary for teachers because there are different work hour requirements at different types of school.

Public elementary schools in my state typically have teachers clock-in by 7:30, 15 minutes before the first bell rings. The end of the school day can range from 3:30-4:30/5:00PM. With that said teachers also must tutor students and/or sponsor student activities before or after school so their day could start as early as 7:00AM and end as last as 6:00/7:00PM. So teachers schedules can range from 8-12hrs a day depending on the school he/she teaches.
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Lynn’s Answer

The length of a school day is made up of two things: 1. The time your school requires you to be there to teach, plan, meet with others, and take care of other duties teachers may have during the school day, and 2. The amount of time you choose to devote to school activities outside of the required hours, especially after school and/or at home while preparing lessons, grading papers, contacting parents, etc. Teachers generally spend more time working after school because they can have uninterrupted time to devote to developing great lessons, tutoring students, professional development opportunities, and more. Teaching is a profession, which means you work until the job is properly completed---not working by the hour. It is, however, a great profession that makes a difference in other's lives, and is so very worth doing.

Lynn recommends the following next steps:

Talk to teachers you admire about how they structure their day.
Offer to volunteer in a school to help teachers with clerical tasks or tutoring, to see if you enjoy those different aspects of teacher's responsibiities.
Work on your organizational skills, so that you will be prepared with good time management and prioritization to lead students and yourself through a productive day.
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Maeve’s, Team Answer

Most teachers work a minimum of 8 hours a day (not including time spent prepping materials and lessons outside of school hours or running extracurriculars ). Sometimes teaching hours can vary based on what type of school you work at. For example, most public school staff are unionized, and teachers have many rules and rights dictating how many hours they can work or how long the school day is. Whereas at a charter school or a private school, teachers are typically not unionized and school days can be longer.
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Tenaea A.’s Answer

It depends. Some people work 10 hours; others work many more. You might be required to go to graduate school and obtain a Masters Degree in order to remain a teacher. Keep in mind, as a teacher, you will have to grade assignments and create new assignments for your students. You may have to speak with parents and other staff through informal and formal meetings.
So be flexible and ready to work long hours for little pay. Always make time to get rest and recharge.

Tenaea A. recommends the following next steps:

Intern and/or volunteer in the education field
Get a bachelors degree
Get a Masters Degree
Be flexible
Support your students
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Jason’s Answer

Hello: Most grade school teachers work a minimum of 8 hours per day. Some may choose to work more as leaders of extracurricular activities, clubs, or depending on any other help they may have from the school. There can be extra work involved as well for teaching new grades or subjects.

Some teachers may choose to share a schedule with another teacher to work fewer hours or have more flexibility in their schedule, or to work as a substitute teacher or specialist.