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What kinds of careers can you pursue in Education?

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4 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

There are multiple career paths for you in education; knowing yourself well will help match the best path for you. Obviously, teaching is one of them; your choice in teaching ranges from Pre-K to University levels. Most teachers find themselves pursuing elementary grades, middle school, or high school. Specialization of content area is another option; secondary teachers specialize in one or more content areas, such as life sciences, language arts, music, etc. while other paths for specialization include special education, speech pathology, psychologist, social worker, counselor, or administrator. Each catagory provides different satisfaction, compensation, and preparation. Scan the course offerings at your university to get a flavor of what is available and the pre-requisites. Also, connect with professionals that are doing the jobs you are considering. Good luck on your journey!
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jody’s Answer

There are many careers "outside the classroom" with an education degree. I taught lower elementary for several years, stayed home to raise my family, and then came back and began working for an educational publishing company. Most of educational companies will hire and train consultants to train teachers on implementing their product. The scope of the work can vary between companies but there are many different types of career paths within educational companies.
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Tenaea A.’s Answer

You can work at a Kindergarten through 12 grade teacher in elementary, middle and high schools. You can get a Masters Degree and become a career advisor. You can become a college professor; you will need to obtain a Masters Degree and a PhD.

Tenaea A. recommends the following next steps:

Get a bachelor degree
Intern in a school environment from early childhood to college levels
Get a Masters Degree in Education
Specialize in special education, history, math, etc
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Caroline M.’s Answer

Education careers can span beyond K-12 and university…consider a path in adult education. Many companies have education services departments needing instructional designers - people who turn people’s learning needs into great learning experiences, whether in person, online, or a mix! Many jobs in business are being created today for which corporate employees will need new skills. What if you were the person helping to bridge that skill gap?

Caroline M. recommends the following next steps:

Look up “instructional designer”
Research adult education models and theories
Write a journal entry about what in education work appeals to you