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How can I have more fun in my job?

I'm a sophomore taking a college and career readiness class and my worries in a job is me working away my years away an losing the fun, intriguing, and full of happiness part of life. I want to be an elementary teacher and I know that will keep anyone on their toes but I want to know how to keep that feeling and not lose it over time. #motivation #students #teaching #fun #school

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5 answers

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Anna’s Answer

Hi! This is honestly a very valid concern that you have. I feel like it is something that a lot of people constantly work to find the balance between loving their job but also loving their life outside of work. This is something that I’m trying to figure out right now. When choosing a career path, I made a list of things that are important to me, like creativity, marketing elements, etc. I enjoy my job but there are things I’m very passionate about and interested in outside of my work. As I just graduated from college, I am currently in my first full time job. I have found that I am much happier when I make sure that I have things outside of work that I am doing that I enjoy. For example, I am working on a proposal and marketing team at a bank but I am also a dancer. I always thought that dance had to be apart of my job, but I am learning that I am much happier and feel more balanced whenI mark out time outside of work (which you will see that you have a surprisingly LARGE amount of time after work) to continue to dance and do other things in life that I care about.
Also, on top of investing in hobbies and passions outside of work, it’s important to never feel confined by your job. While you have to pick somewhat of a career path in college, you would be surprised by all the twists and turns that come in a person’s career path over time.

Just keep working hard. Keep checking in with yourself to make sure you’re happy and feel balanced in your profession and life. Never doubt all the possibilities that exist for you! Good luck :) Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Dave’s Answer

My answer is going to be very different from the other two.
There's a saying " Love what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
Because I loved my job so much, I couldn't wait to get to work everyday. It was really fun for me to be there. I always had interesting things to do and my schedule varied all the time . Sure, I did lots of other things that were completely different outside of work, but I really loved what I did at work. And, if you love what you do you're going to get better and better at it all the time. You be surprised how rewarding your job can be when you think that it's fun.

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Tenaea A.’s Answer

Have a competition with yourself. Try to see if you can finish tasks faster or in different way. Don't think of work as work. Keep a journal and write goals; even though the job is menial, you have purpose in your duties.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Aiyana,

I think that one of the key components of staying happy in your work is making sure that you don't do it all the time. In other words, avoid being a workaholic. Several of the teachers that I know work a lot more hours than just the simple school day. This can lead to burnout or a lack of fun with the job that you are doing. So you need to make sure that you are taking time for you - being with friends and family, investing energy in hobbies that make you feel good, and taking time off and resting and recharging.


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Mark’s Answer

Hey Aiyana!

There are two important angles to this. First, you need to evaluate whether you're in the right work environment. You could very well be in a role that's not right for you, and that no matter what you do, you won't find it motivating or enriching.

But it's important to note the other side: it's often OUR responsibility as humans to create the wonder and possibilities in the things we do. To quote Dr Seuss: where ever you go, that's where you are. You have the ability to make anything you do more fun, interesting, exciting, for both yourself and the people around you. It's this perspective on life that can lead to the most enriching experiences, and satisfaction in the more mundane parts of existence.

It's really important that you consider these two things together. I'm not suggesting that you should be happy with any job or activity. Of course not! You should align yourself with the things you love. But once there, it's our role as individuals to color the experience with curiosity and possibilities.

Good luck!!