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Aiyana Oct 27, 2020 454 views

How can I have more fun in my job?

I'm a sophomore taking a college and career readiness class and my worries in a job is me working away my years away an losing the fun, intriguing, and full of happiness part of life. I want to be an elementary teacher and I know that will keep anyone on their toes but I want to know how to...

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Aiyana Oct 27, 2020 385 views

Does personal experience in mental health issues help being a mental health counselor. Or you just need an understating in all issues and solutions on how to "fix" them and help cope mechanisms.

Open minded, helpful, wise, observant, and honest #mental-health-counseling

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Aiyana Oct 27, 2020 308 views

I'm afraid of working my life away and not having fun with it. I'm social and creative, so does working with little kids a good option?

Artistic, social, open mined, honest, adaptable #social

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Aiyana Oct 27, 2020 453 views

If I have stage fright, how do I execute an interview confidently?

Bold when I get comfortable, Honest, Determined #interview-preparation

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Aiyana Oct 23, 2020 340 views

How many jobs should I keep in mind incase I don't keep the current one?

Artistic, Social, Bold, Determined, Open minded, Honest, and Trustworthy #social #students