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Morgan L.’s Avatar
Morgan L. Oct 27, 2020 126 views

I have just learned about the possible career path of veterinary medical illustration, and I'm very interested, but have some questions!

I'm a 12th grader looking to decide her major in college, and through Career Village I have been introduced to the idea of veterinary medical illustration. The only concern I have is that it may be too niche, and I won't be able to make a career out of it. What are the upsides to this? Is it...

#career-path #veterinarian #medicalillustration #illustration #veterinarymedicalillisustration #career

Edward P.’s Avatar
Edward P. Oct 26, 2020 155 views
Edward P.’s Avatar
Edward P. Oct 26, 2020 133 views
Nathan L.’s Avatar
Nathan L. Oct 26, 2020 92 views

What is it like working in an office?

Hi, I'm Nathan and a lot of the jobs I'm considering for the future are all jobs that are typically done in an office. From someone who has worked in an office, can you describe to me what its like and the work environment? Thanks! #office #job...


Kaitlyn S.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn S. Jan 14 69 views

Since I'm going to be an Education major, would it be smart to double major in Early Childhood Education and Special Education?

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Recently, I decided to study Special Education and I wanted to know if double majoring is smart or should I just stick with a major and a minor. #college-major...


John G.’s Avatar
John G. May 25, 2018 345 views

Does it make sense to borrow money without getting a student loan?

The financial aid package for my graduate program includes only direct unsubsidized graduate loans. These loans have high interest rates and bad conditions. My tuition is very expensive and I am not receiving enough scholarship money to cover tuition, even if I get a high-paying part-time...

#tuition #student-loans #money-management #money #financial-aid #college #debt #loans

Jared R.’s Avatar
Jared R. Oct 28, 2020 112 views

What are drawbacks of Archaeology?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology. #archaeology #science...


Mallory D.’s Avatar
Mallory D. Oct 23, 2020 155 views

What does a masters in business help with?

Is pursuing getting a Masters in business worth it or should I focus on a Bachelors degree? Would a Masters open any extra doors for future career options? #help #business...


Mike L.’s Avatar
Mike L. May 08, 2018 379 views

What should I focus more on, salary or enjoyment?

I want to be at a job I enjoy doing that makes me happy, but will I be able to find that while also making the money that I need? #help #job-search #search #money...


Nick H.’s Avatar
Nick H. Oct 26, 2020 112 views

What are some of the advantages of having a job in manufacturing?

My name is Nick, I am eighteen, and I am looking into manufacturing jobs. # manufacturing #consulting...


Brandon D.’s Avatar
Brandon D. Oct 27, 2020 159 views

What is the best skill to have for real estate

I know you need to be a good negotiator and communicator but what are some other skills that separate the average realtor and a good realtor #marketing #success #skills...


Kanrry K.’s Avatar
Kanrry K. Dec 28, 2017 381 views

What other instruments will I have to learn for a career in music therapy?

I already play two instruments–piano and French horn. I have yet to be able to master French horn to a certain extent. The piano is going well. I'm just interested in knowing what other instruments I'll need to learn for music therapy. #music #music-therapy #instrumentation...


Zach G.’s Avatar
Zach G. Oct 26, 2020 114 views

Is technology a good field for a career?

I'm a sophomore student athlete in high school and want to work with technology. #student #career...


willa T.’s Avatar
willa T. Oct 23, 2020 97 views

Can you describe your everyday life as a therapist?

I would like to know the everyday steps you take to be a good therapist. #therapist...


Nicholas R.’s Avatar
Nicholas R. Oct 27, 2020 63 views

what are your goals athlete

i wanna make sure i work my hardest be better than everyone out on a field and be the athletic player ever...


morgan H.’s Avatar
morgan H. Oct 27, 2020 148 views

What is it like being a profiler in the fbi? Does it ever get hard sometimes doing your job?

Im 16. In the 11th grade. I am also interested in becoming a profiler when I go to college. #fbi #profiler #highschool #bau #career...


Tumas R.’s Avatar
Tumas R. Jan 20, 2018 994 views

How much math do bankers do?

I am curious about what levels of mathematics I have to take to prepare my financial...


Nick H.’s Avatar
Nick H. Oct 26, 2020 153 views
Nathan L.’s Avatar
Nathan L. Oct 26, 2020 158 views

Is obtaining a business degree at a 4 year college worth it?

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm looking to attend a college and achieve a degree in the business field. However, in today's society it seems to me like a lot of people are claiming that college isn't worth it due to receiving substantial debt and lack of knowledge. As a professional can you give me...

#business #college #degree #money

Gabriella P.’s Avatar
Gabriella P. Oct 27, 2020 79 views

What are some of the best colleges for nursing in Ohio?

I am a sophomore in high school and considering becoming a registered nurse as my future career. What are some good options for college to pursue this career? #nursing #college...


Zach G.’s Avatar
Zach G. Oct 21, 2020 206 views

What exactly happens in an internship?

I'm a sophomore student athlete interested in information technology. #technology #career...


Dakota B.’s Avatar
Dakota B. Oct 27, 2020 97 views

What are some of the best ways to study and or practice for cosmetology school?

I am wondering what some of you professionals and or students use to practice and or what are good places to start studying. #cosmetology #hair-nails-makeup #studying #goodplacestostart...


Dakota B.’s Avatar
Dakota B. Oct 23, 2020 80 views

What do you find being the hardest task as a cosmetologist?

I am a 10th grader and i am beginning to look into my future as a cosmetologist, What do you find being the hardest thing to do as a cosmetologist? #cosmetology #hair-stylist...


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