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I'm afraid of working my life away and not having fun with it. I'm social and creative, so does working with little kids a good option?

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2 answers

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Maggie’s Answer

Hello Aiyana - great question for someone starting out young. A job in one's life may not necessarily be the same as having fun, however do remember there are a lot of folks out there, truly having a blast in their work environment. My advise has always been passion & love. If you passionate & love something - go for it. Do your share of research, believe and make your mark.

Having fun outside your work environment is another part of our lives. The fact that you are social & creative will only further help you enhance it. Each one's definition of fun, work & play is very unique to them. Look for what makes you happy, what relaxes or excites you. It could involve company or just being by yourself. Enjoy life - one day at a time!

Working with kids - I believe is an art that can only enable a positive and great experience if your heart and mind is in it. If it's just a job...your experience will be very different. Else it can open a whole new world of adventure. No matter what you choose, do it because you believe in it. All the best in any journey you decide to venture into!

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Aiyana,

You have a really good question. Having a fun life can be greatly impacted by loving what you do as a job. I am glad that you are already thinking about what kind of job that you may find fun. You should start with what you find fun right now. You need to ask yourself - what makes you happy now? What kind of hobbies could you do for hours and it would be fun? Hopefully, you can see fun is a matter of perspective.

You mentioned working with children. I would say that it can be rewarding to work with children as a teacher or coach. I have a friend who works with special needs children and feels grateful everyday. There are challenges that you need to consider such as when you work with kids, you are also working with their parents. I have several friends who teach from elementary school to high school. Parents can add to the stress of teaching a large number of students. If you have a passion for teaching, consider training adults. I have worked as a corporate trainer and helping people learn their job can be rewarding.

Another consideration in a job is the people that you have around you. Do you want to work on your own or do you want to work with a team? I like the interaction with others, so I work in a corporate training department. I like the ability to build creative training solutions and then training people. I like having a team to rely on when I need help or inspiration.

Good luck on finding a job that works for you. It could take some time to find your dream job. I didn't find mine until my late 20's. I took a lot of different avenues before finding it. And it was always there inside of me, what I love to do. I just took the long way because I spent time doing stuff others thought that I should.