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Are there different requirements for different type of teachers like elementary, middle, high school etc.

I like food, and like teaching. I hope to be any type besides history and science. Just math or English. teaching math teacher

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3 answers

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Maeve’s, Team Answer

There are different types of certifications for teaching different grade levels and different degrees if/when you get your masters in teaching. At the charter school I worked at in New York, I was able to teach one grade level above or below my certification/masters program specialization. For example, I was able to teach Kindergarten while working towards my certification in grades 1-5. Even though I was teaching Kindergarten at the time, I knew eventually I would want to be able to have flexibility to teach older elementary grades as opposed to getting an early childhood (pre-school/kindergarten) certification. It is really important to consider the age group you want to teach before working towards a certification or masters program! Sounds like if you want to teach a specific subject -- middle school and high school is where you are leaning. I hope this was helpful!
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Patricia’s Answer

Good morning. Yes, there are different requirements for different types of teaching positions. For example, in NYC, there are separate licenses for elementary school, high school, and special education. In high school, there are licenses specific to the subject area. High school science teachers need a science teaching license; high school mathematics teachers need a mathematics license, etc. For special education, there are licenses for SETSS (formerly known as resource room), and licenses for subjects attached to a particular type of classroom setting. Elementary school licenses are different as well. Good luck in your quest to become a teacher. Choose the field/area you are interested in --the area you have a love for. It could be a subject you excel in or it could be the type of student you choose to teach. Choose wisely as you want to be working in an area or field you love. After all, this will become your career and a major part of your life.
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Tenaea A.’s Answer

Yes there are different requirements to teach elementary, middle and high school. All education jobs require potential candidates to obtain a Masters Degree and some work experience in the field. Pick which level you want to work in and volunteer to work there.

Tenaea A. recommends the following next steps:

Get a bachelors degree in anything
Intern and/or volunteer at the education level you desire
Obtain a Masters Degree
Do continuing education