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What school has the best social sciences programs?

I am interested in studying social sciences and doing that as a career. #college #college-selection #admissions #social-science

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相龙’s Answer

I think it is Peking University, Peking University was founded in 1898, the First Capital University Hall, is China's national Comprehensive University, is also the highest educational administrative organ of China at that time. After the Xinhai Revolution, the present name was changed in 1912. As the center of New Culture movement and the origin of "May Fourth" movement, as the birthplace of China's earliest dissemination of Marxism and Democratic Science thought, as the earliest activity base of the Chinese Communist Party, Peking University has made irreplaceable contribution to the rejuvenation and emancipation of the nation, the construction and development of the nation, the civilization and progress Has played an important vanguard role in the process of China's modernization. Patriotism, progress, democracy, the traditional spirit of science and diligence, rigorous, realistic, innovative style of study here, the generation

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Michael’s Answer

Here is an unbiased ranking from 2015: