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Would it be better to have a sociology major with a minor in human services or to have a double major both with them both?

I am planning on becoming a social worker in the future!
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3 answers

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Lillian’s Answer

Depending on what state you are from, you most likely need to become an LBSW (Licensed Baccalaureate

of Social Work). To do this, this means you need to major in Social Work to get your BSW (Bachelor in Social Work).

I'm not 100% confident on this, but your sociology / human services major may not qualify you to become licensed as a social worker. Google what your state's requirements are to become a licensed social worker or ask your school's career advisor. Try to do this as soon as possible because I would hate for you to end up with a double major in something that doesn't apply to the social work you want to do!


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Tom’s Answer

Hi Mary. I agree with Lillian and would only add that once you get out of college it hardly matters a whit what you minored in or to some degree even double majored in. I've been in and conducted a 'million' job interviews and what a person minored in really wasn't a compelling issue of discussion. What is, for a recent college grad, is certainly relevant course work and degree, but also what did you do beyond that? Meaning, being an intern or volunteer in your field of interest prior to applying for a career position. That kind of experience is, in my opinion, a lot more valuable than stressing over a minor or double major. Good luck!

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Bri’s Answer


In my opinion having a degree in sociology I would go for the sociology degree. To be a social worker there are other steps you need to do to become one. I also believe a State Test to be certified. You can get a certificate in Human Services while you work after college. You don’t have to have a degree in Human Services to work in the field. Also talk to an advisor for help. Hope this helps, good luck.