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Saleemah’s Avatar
Saleemah Jan 05, 2021 203 views

What school in Philadelphia, can I go to be a surgical tech

I’m looking for a career in the health field. #career

Delice’s Avatar
Delice Jan 05, 2021 581 views

Career choice.

can I still be a pediatrician and actress or I have to give up on one? #pediatrician #actress

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Jan 04, 2021 253 views

What are the responsibilities of a volunteer therapist?

#therapy #aba

kkrishnaprasad’s Avatar
kkrishnaprasad Jan 01, 2021 411 views

is computer coding is rare job

i am in 9th standard my subjects are maths science english
#careers #jobs

Brynn’s Avatar
Brynn Dec 22, 2020 519 views

What jobs include makeup and fashion

Makeup, fashion, styling, designing, clothing

# #makeup-artist #fashion #fashion-design #modeling

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jan 04, 2021 281 views

Is it worth it to go to law school

Im still thinking of what to be in the future. #law

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 25, 2020 261 views

How to became a pediatrician


Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jul 26, 2020 758 views

What careers does a law degree unlock?

Other than practice (solicitor or barrister or in-house) and consulting, what other career paths are commonly taken by law graduates?
#july20 #law #legal #career

Clinton’s Avatar
Clinton Jul 20, 2020 337 views

How should nurses handle their workplace stress? As a nurse, it will be important for us to have a clear explanation of how to handle the emotionally and physically demanding aspects of our job.

During my nurse training, I attended a seminar where the speaker encouraged nurses to develop and maintain habits that support our health. He recommended finding a physical activity or hobby to pursue as a way to reduce stress. I took his advice and found a gym that offers a variety of classes,...

Ellen’s Avatar
Ellen Jul 20, 2020 708 views

How do I decide what to write my college essay about?

A college essay is so incredibly open-ended that it seems impossible to find a place to start.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 20, 2020 264 views

Why am I not getting chosen for any scholarships?

I am in need of scholarships. I am consistently and constantly applying, but don't seem to be providing what each scholarship wants me to provide or say. How can I know what they actually want? I meet the eligibility criteria, but do not get chosen. How can I further set myself apart from...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 20, 2020 305 views

Uncertainty!!! Covid-19

If is hard to plan ahead when you are going through a pandemic. I am applying to colleges, applying for scholarships, and operating as if things are normal but they are not. So many uncertainties and unknowns make it more difficult to be planned, should I continue as if I am going to college...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 277 views

How much do neonatal nurses or just nurses in general make?

Just curious to know how much they make. #nurse #money

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 313 views

What are some colleges I can apply to to become a neonatal nurse?

#college-admissions #college #nurse #nursing

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 272 views

How do you stay up to date with the latest medical research and information in your field?

I want to understand the importance of learning new guidelines. #research #medical