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Asya M. May 22 119 views

Are there any careers out there that combine speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) ?

I’m extremely interested in becoming an SLP out of my interest in improving the communicative/throat-related functional abilities of individuals with special needs, but I also have an interest in helping individuals with special needs have an overall better quality of life through applied...

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Clifford Khent C. Mar 09, 2018 312 views

If I want to become a BCaBA or a BCBA, what steps would I need to take?

I currently work as a Behavioral Interventionist. Recently, I've grown an interest on maybe pursuing my graduate studies in Applied Behavior Analysis. What's the process to become a BCBA? How do you make your way up, etc? Thanks! #boardcertified #psychology #aba...


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Ethan D. May 24, 2016 523 views

Physical therapy to help children with autism. Is this an open field?

Do you need more than one degree to help people on the autism spectrum using Physical Therapy? In example early ABA? My brother is severly autistic and I would like to help others like him. #physical #physical-fitness #health-and-fitness...