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Is there any advice that I can receive before I enter into my desired career of Marriage and family therapy?

I currently feel certain that this is the career I want to go into, but I would appreciate some advice or suggestions on steps that I can take in order to prepare myself for this profession (aside from just going to my college course/curriculum). #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor #marriage-family-counselor #individual-and-family-services #family-therapy

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Nancy’s Answer

One thing you might do is become familiar with the sort of agencies where marriage and family therapists work. That will help you see the variety of settings, such as social services, private practices, mental health facilities, and mediation services. Also, ask to speak to some currently employed counselors for an “informational interview,” on the phone or in person. That way you can find out what they actually do and how they got there. Best of luck!