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Deidra M. Jan 17, 2018 301 views

Is there any advice that I can receive before I enter into my desired career of Marriage and family therapy?

I currently feel certain that this is the career I want to go into, but I would appreciate some advice or suggestions on steps that I can take in order to prepare myself for this profession (aside from just going to my college course/curriculum). #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor...

#family-therapy #marriage-family-counselor #individual-and-family-services

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Deidra M. Jan 17, 2018 328 views

What are some trustworthy scholarship websites for students that are already in college can apply to?

I am constantly looking for different scholarships sites for me to use but I've noticed many are exclusively for high school/ incoming freshman college students. #scholarships #scholarshipwebsites #college-scholarships...