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How do I get experience towards being a Therapist/counseling with only a BA in Psychology?!

I'm saving money for graduate school, I'm about to get my BA this 2017 Spring and I can't find any experience towards my field of study being a licensed professional counselor. #therapy #therapists #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling #family-therapy

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3 answers

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Prophetess Twila M.’s Answer

You will need to complete a graduate program in psychology or counseling. You will also need to obtain a certificate (NCC) and/or state license (LAPC , LPC).
There are several community counseling agencies that will allow you to do case management (paraprofessional ) under a licensed counselor. You can use this as counseling experience.
As a psychology major, I would also encourage you to become a psychologist. The salary is higher and it is a more respected field of behavior health.

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Maddie’s Answer

Hi Jennifer!

Have you tried reaching out to any professors to ask about internships or research opportunities? Sometimes they can point you toward opportunities for learning outside of the classroom. You may also want to try to talk to a career counselor at your university. They may have connections with potential internships or even paid positions that can help you gain the experience you are seeking.

Hope this helps! Wishing you all the best in your professional endeavors.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Jennifer,

Take a look on:




Hi Daniela! Thanks so much for your answer, would love to hear more about what is important on those pages to look for? What are some tips about weighing the options between internships, extracurriculars and more? Can't wait to hear what you think? Christian Varsava

It is important to keep in mind that an internship opportunity is a precious time for exchanging experiences and learning, and therefore should be used to the fullest. In most cases, according to the student's performance, he / she may even be contracted as an effective employee in the company. It is important to apply for a placement that is in accordance with the academic and professional goals of the student, so he / she will give the best of himself / herself in the activity. Daniela Silva