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How do I go forward in my dream of being a real estate agent ?

I’m 18 years old, I’ve always wanted to do real estate because the idea of helping others have always been my dream. real-estate speech-pathology career-paths history

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3 answers

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Nicholas’s Answer

Hi Jada (that’s also my sister’s name)! I’m excited to hear that you want to pursue a career in real estate. I started my real estate career when I was in my early 20s by attending prep classes at a local real estate school that allowed me to earn my license as a real estate agent, while also completing my undergraduate’s degree in engineering. I would encourage you to explore local real estate classes (either online or in person) that would allow you to earn your real estate license. If you are looking at a local community college, this would also be a great way to pursue curriculum tailored to real estate, business, marketing, economics, etc. Don’t be afraid to contact local real estate professionals and ask for their advice in how to get started. They might even be willing to have you shadow them in their profession, or work part-time in areas of interest to you. It’s great that you are engaged on CareerVillage and so interested in helping people as a real estate professional. All the best to you!

Nicholas recommends the following next steps:

Sign up for real estate exam prep classes (Michigan should have a list of available programs)
If college is an option, research various studies and degree programs suited to real estate
Contact local real estate professionals and ask them for career advice (e.g., search for local professionals through Urban Land Institute is one example)
Search for local real estate organizations or non-profits that you can get involved in after school (e.g., Habitat for Humanity)
There are endless references and books online related to real estate careers (The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate by Stan Ross)
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Alex’s Answer

look into taking classes at local community colleges, visit real estate offices looking for internships, follow real estate people and pages on social media, find potential mentors in the business who would be willing to take you under their wing. Visit open houses in the area to see what it is like to become one, attend local hangouts and meet up of other real estate agents in your area.
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Bridget’s Answer

Hello Jada, Real Estate is a passion and an ever growing/expanding field. It is also expensive initially to get started *$2500 min just for the initial schooling and there is Continueing Ed required every year (but less than geting a masters degree). I started in Real Estate as an assistant to a Broker and grew in the field from there. However, to approach real estate in that manner - you would still need to get a degree or attend schooling to be an adequate assistant training. Real Estate is not as glamorous as some may make it seem on HGTV. It is a career that can help people who become agents reach their financial goals quickly but it does take focus and customer service skills. Can you be taught, can you follow directions, can you remember real estate terms, do you enjoy cold calling, do you like sales, if you enjoy interacting with others and have confidence in yourself then real estate could be a good choice, but it is hard work. You have to be dilligent, willing to give-up weekends and availble for the first few years sometimes 24/7 until you can build a niche and client base. To anyone who may be interested you can find me on LinkedIn or ask additional questions, I am happy to elaborate. Hope this helps.