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Do you recommend getting a degree in an international school?

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I'm asking because I'm wondering if the U.S. would recognize the degree when I come back. For example, if I went to dental school in Spain would I be able to work as a dentist here? #international #international-affairs #study-abroad #overseas-study #dental-school #dentistry #dentist #orthodontist #career #college-admissions #college-advice #higher-education #college-bound #college #college-selection #university

4 answers

Kim’s Answer


I think studying abroad would be an awesome opportunity! However, you are correct to be concerned about the value of the degree. We have many job seekers who have foreign credentials. Unfortunately, some end up having to take entry level positions, rather than obtaining professional jobs. There are entities that review their credentials for US equivalency. You can learn more about it at this link from the US Dept. of Education. For dentistry, go to the gray box at the bottom of the homepage, and select "Professional Recognition."


Thank you so much for your advice! Mireia R.

Jack’s Answer


Much more difficult. You would need additional schooling to be able to take boards for license

William’s Answer


I personally do not have any direct experience with any international schools, but have a few friends who have done such. I am extremely supportive to any international experience. We live in a world that expands far beyond our desks and borders.

William recommends the following next steps:

  • Do you have a list of countries or area of education that you are looking for?

Riley’s Answer


It’s a little bit different if you need licensing. You’d have a re-register and take the steps of National Change. Keep in mind, studying internationally does not mean international.