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Jack Ryan, DMD

Dentist, Founder International Association Dental & Medical Disciplines, IADMD - Dr.Dental 1979-2004-Non-Profit-Present
Bristol, Rhode Island
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Mireia’s Avatar
Mireia Feb 19, 2018 593 views

Do you recommend getting a degree in an international school?

I'm asking because I'm wondering if the U.S. would recognize the degree when I come back. For example, if I went to dental school in Spain would I be able to work as a dentist here? #international #international-affairs #study-abroad #overseas-study #dental-school #dentistry #dentist...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan May 30, 2018 368 views

How should you know what area of dentistry you should specialize in, if any?

#doctor #dentist

Averion’s Avatar
Averion Aug 31, 2017 552 views

Are you more hands on while trying to become a dentist ?

I am asking this question because I am more of a hands on learner and I wanted to learn more about this field. #dentistry #family-dentistry #dentist

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Jan 03, 2018 511 views

Can I get into University of North Carolina if I want to be a dentist?

I want to go to UNC but I don't know if that's a good dental school. #dentistry #college #college-major #dentist