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When thinking of a career path should I have how much debt I will be in after college in mind?

I want to work for a volunteer organization or other low profitable jobs, but I also want to get a college degree. I'm just wondering if it would be smarter/worth it to wait a few years after college before going into a low profitable career because of money? #international-affairs #money-management #financial-aid I am a triplet and also have two brothers so money is not in abundance. #college #scholarships #debt #student-debt #loans #student-loans

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3 answers

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Sabrina’s Answer

Hello Taylor. The answer is 100% yes! I'm speaking from the prospective of a college graduate and advisor. Accordingly to The Hill, America is expected to be $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt by 2018. And most recent graduates are overwhelmed by their debt. Below I listed ways to avoid this form happening to you. Try not to take out loans unless you truly have to. There are many scholarships available. Scholarships take a lot of time, so while you're waiting, get to work. Nothing is stopping you from applying to non-profits now. There organizations like the YMCA who are more than happy to hire dedicated, hardworking college students. Once you're a college student, you can use the college's career center. Good luck!

Sabrina recommends the following next steps:

Work part-time while in school or work full time during the summer.
Go to your local library to check out books on scholarships.
Apply for financial aid options using FAFSA, https://fafsa.ed.gov.
Research careers and their salaries using the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, https://www.bls.gov.

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Richard’s Answer


Some degrees offer access to high paying jobs and the student can justify a heavy student loan burden.

Other degrees with less lucrative job prospects can be rewarding, but the student needs to be realistic about the amount of debt they can handle after graduation.

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Rachel’s Answer

I would definitely consider ways to limit student loans if you want to work for a non-profit. When you do decide to apply for the low-paying job, try to have your student loans paid off by then. This may be several years after college.