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Political Science or International Relations?

Which should I major in? I am interested in working in foreign policy, but I'm not sure which is the better major to pursue for this. Should I go with the less specific Political Science, so I have a safety net if I don't like foreign policy? Or should I go more specific and really specialize on my preferred topic?? #majors #college-major #political-science #international-affairs #international-relations

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello Emma! Both Political Science and International Relations as a whole are pretty broad. You can go both ways and still be involved in foreign policy. Even foreign policy by itself is very broad so I first suggest to focus on what you are truly interested in. I remember taking several classes on American and Foreign policies and it is what the title suggests, it is just policies. I furthered my research by focusing on policies that are effecting a certain country. I am not saying you should do the same, but it is something to think about. In my case, the four year university I got in did not have a international relations program so I took political science. I realized that it was not enough for me and I wanted more so I got my Master's in International Studies. I think first you need to figure out whether you REALLY like foreign policy or not and also figure out if you REALLY want to get into political science. You will be investing time and money to pursue your degree so make sure your decision is legit. Once you figure that out how about you look into your desired university program and see what classes they are offering. If you see stuff you like then you can go from there. If not then talk to that university's adviser and see if they can help you. Good Luck!