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What are some scholarships for international students in high school?

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2 answers

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Nattakarn’s Answer

Hello, Ta'Vonya
Please see the link below for more information for these study abroad scholarship for high school students or see below for the summary.

These six awesome study abroad scholarships for high school students will make all your travel dreams come true.

1. Reach Cambridge University Scholarship
Designed for current high school students between the ages of 14 and 18, Reach Cambridge offers scholarships to any of its two to three week summer programs in historic Cambridge, England. It might sound too good to be true, but all you have to do to win this (virtually) free three weeks in jolly old England is write a killer essay.

2. Andeo International Homestays Scholarship

The Andeo Summer Abroad Scholarship is open to all students applying for one of Andeo’s individual homestay programs, and ranges from $100-$1000. All you have to do is ask your language teacher to nominate you, and then fill out a short application. Then, all you have left to do is pack your bags for one of Andeo’s awesome locations, such as Germany, Japan, or Mexico! Andeo is perfect for the student who wants to go somewhere without breaking the bank, but doesn’t have a strong preference about the location or duration— all you have to do is live with a local family.

3. Two Worlds Youth Travel Programs Scholarship

If you are determined to study abroad in high school, but don’t have specific parameters or are a bit more open about your high school study abroad program options, one of the Two Worlds United Scholarships is probably right up your alley. With programs in over 32 different countries and lasting from just a summer to an entire year, students really have a lot of options here. Open to all high school students age 15-18, the scholarship awards range from $250 up to $1800.
Two Worlds United actually has several high school study abroad scholarships available, so applicants aren’t bound by specific criteria. Scholarships are usually awarded based on financial need, academic merit, class rank, and level of courses attempted in high school, but each award is different, so be sure to consult one of their counselors for more specific information. Whether you’re planning on spending a summer taking marine conservation classes in the Galapagos Islands or an entire year studying archeology in Greece, there are financing options available!

4. American Foreign Service Association Scholarship
Potentially one of the most life-changing and overall high school study abroad scholarships available, the AFSA offers a National High School Essay Contest every year. The winner of the best essay receives not just $2,500, but also a trip to Washington D.C. to meet the Secretary of State, and a full scholarship for a Semester at Sea excursion.

5. Sons of Norway Scholarship

This scholarship (worth $2,000) can be applied toward the cost of attending any Norwegian Folk High School (check out AFS Intercultural Program!). You’ll be getting paid to frolic with reindeer and catch the Northern Lights in one of the most beautiful countries when you’re not in class.

6. Congress-Bundestag Scholarship

One of the most prestigious high school study abroad scholarships, the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program is open to any high school student (with or without cultural ties to Deutschland) to study in Germany for 10 months for free. Yes, you heard us right.

In addition to admission and tuition to a top-notch German high school, the scholarship also covers placement with a host family, pre-departure training in the U.S., orientation on site in Germany, language classes upon arrival in your host community, and cultural excursions throughout the year to the German Bundestag and several cities around Germany.

Thank you!!! Ta'Vonya ..

You are very welcome!:) Nattakarn Alkire

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Amber’s Answer

I would recommend to contact the schools that you are interested in and ask about student aid or scholarships for international students. There is also a popular app called Scholly that helps students find scholarships.

Thank you! Ta'Vonya ..