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Sami F. Feb 05, 2016 690 views

What does it take to become a Biomedical Engineer

I'm a Sophomore at Academy for Software Engineering. I'm asking this question because I want to know what I need to accomplish in order to successfully get into this career. college professional student engineering...


Peter T.’s Avatar
Peter T. May 12, 2016 1810 views

What is the job outlook like for astronomers? Astrophysicists?

The University I plan on attending this fall has an Astronomy and Astrophysics program. I've always been interested in space, and like math, so was considering majoring in it. The only thing putting me off from deciding on this major is that I'm concerned about job prospects. I know a lot of...

astrophysics mathematics physics science astronomy

Shaheer M.’s Avatar
Shaheer M. Sep 27, 2018 578 views

What is the everyday job like for an aerospace engineer

What do aerospace engineers regularly do, and how does my aerospace engineering bachelor's degree apply to that? Does it apply directly? aerospace aerospace-engineering engineering mechanical aeronautics aeronautics aeronautics aeronautics aeronautics aeronautics aeronautics...

Jamie D.’s Avatar
Jamie D. Feb 18 379 views

National University Bachelor of Science

Has anyone completed the Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Design Engineering program with National University online? If so, what did you like and/or not like about the program? bachelors NationalUniversity...


Brandon A.’s Avatar
Brandon A. Feb 23 218 views

What Engineering field should I consider learning more about?

I'm in the 11th grade at a high school in Massachusetts. I like to create solutions for problems that has to do with infrastructure. I also like problems that has to do with tech and I am open to many other things. scientist tech create engineering...


Marco E.’s Avatar
Marco E. Feb 23 597 views

Is civil engineering worth going to college for 4 years or are there any easier or more time saving paths

I'm a Jr looking to be in the field of engineering but i choose civil engineering because i think it suits me as a life long career but i want to know if it is easy to get a job or position as a civil engineer so all my college years and money won't go to waste career jobs career-choice...

college-jobs engineering career-development career-plan civil-engineer

felicia M.’s Avatar
felicia M. Feb 23 141 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior in high school and interested in both music industry work as a recording artists and also business and working on different business ventures. music-industry singing musician...


Taofeek L.’s Avatar
Taofeek L. Feb 23 151 views

Im interested in becoming an engineer and I'm not really sure what colleges to look at to become one

I'm currently a 17 year old Junior and i'm the oldest of 4 children and I play football I'm going to be the first of my parents kids to go to college and I don't really know what to do...


Emma N.’s Avatar
Emma N. Feb 24 320 views

Do I need to be good at math to succeed as a Biology major?

I like biology, but I struggle with math. I really want to be either a biologist or a forensic scientist. Anyone in the biology field bad at math? biology science math mathematics...


James P.’s Avatar
James P. Feb 24 213 views

What major should i pick in college

I am a junior trying to get advice to see what i should do after i graduate majors...


Catherine M.’s Avatar
Catherine M. Feb 25 173 views

How to choose what to focus on in forensic science

I would love to become a forensic scientist but I have such a hard time trying to figure out what my main focus would be, I have a lot of interest in DNA, ballistics, and blood splatter but other specialties also seem so interesting! forensicscientist blood...