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Andreas’ Career Goals

I want to create things that help people with disabilities and I want to revise and improve previously existing technology. Also, I strive to become an innovator for new kinds of technology


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Andreas Apr 01, 2022 1819 views

How important is it to balance life and work?

I am curious about how balancing work life with personal life actually affects people.

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Andreas Apr 01, 2022 436 views

What are the pros and cons of being a generalist in a certain career versus a specialist?

I am asking this question because I have started seeing myself as a generalist in many topics.

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Andreas Jan 31, 2022 598 views

What is the most important thing I should do when setting my career goals?

#career #career-choice

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Andreas Jan 31, 2022 482 views

Should I try to get into a college that offers programs that get close enough to my choice career as possible?

#college-selection #career

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Andreas Sep 14, 2021 586 views

What subjects in school would be crucial for a job in Aerospace Engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #mechanical

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Andreas Mar 15, 2021 758 views

What are you required to study in university in order to do Mechatronics?

I just wanted to know because it sounds like a very interesting career to get into.
#career #engineering #technology