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What subjects in school would be crucial for a job in Aerospace Engineering?

I agree with David. Great suggestions! Marcia Marcia Smith

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

There are the obvious ones for any type of engineering, but don’t limit yourself to just the math and sciences. A great engineer is creative and have the ability to think outside the box.
Some of the best inspirations come in the form of some sort of variation/iteration of the past/nature/arts. Therefore, history, health, biology, etc. can all play into becoming a great engineer.
Being an engineer also involves cost (both monetary and opportunity) so economy/ social sciences also play a factor.
One of the most crucial subjects would be English. Your ability to form clear concise sentences can make or break a project. You can have the most brilliant idea, but if you cannot articulate thought into direction or proposal - this has as much benefit as having no idea at all.

Passion will help you understand the math and science - eventually, but it is not entirely accurate to think those are the subjects you need to excel in becoming a great engineer. It is entirely inaccurate to think those are the only subjects that matter. Best of luck and hope to see you all out in the industry!

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Austin’s Answer

School gives you a bag of tricks and material you can refer too. This will be helpful, but you will still pick up new skills and abilities in the industry. There is no "class" that will completely prepare you. You learned to be a problem solver, which is the real skill that will make you excel.