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Kai C.’s Avatar
Kai C. Oct 26, 2016 706 views

Is there a merit selecting an Applied Physics/ Engineering Physics major over a mechanical or aerospace engineering major career wise in the future? Which offers more critical problem-solving requirements for these jobs?

As a student primarily interested in math, physics, and engineering, I constantly wonder which major I should decide. I have loved the necessary logic and problem solving required in some of the math and physics courses I take in high school but always consider if engineering is the right major...

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Allison H.’s Avatar
Allison H. Oct 30, 2016 7471 views

What are the most difficult classes that engineering students are required to take?

I hear that the required classes for an engineering degree are rigorous. I have a calculus class right now, and I am doing fine, but how much harder are the classes in college compared to high school? And, what advice should I take with me prior to going to college in order to pursue an...

mechanical-engineering engineering chemical-engineering industrial-engineering engineer electrical-engineering civil-engineering

Britney Y.’s Avatar
Britney Y. Nov 15, 2017 1250 views

Introverts in Engineering?

I'm curious about whether which engineering majors require more presenting and talking to large groups in both college/university and the real world. I just heard that mechanical has a lot of presenting ideas and would like to know about the other engineering majors. engineering...

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Karlee M.’s Avatar
Karlee M. Aug 03, 2020 268 views

I am wondering what kinds of courses students can take during their K-12 experience to prepare themselves for a career as an aerospace engineer?

I am currently a graduate student studying to be a school counselor. I am working on a project that focuses on preparing student for college and career readiness. stem careers...