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Karlee Aug 04, 2020 308 views

Opportunities for experience for an Apprentice Electrician?

I am wondering where to direct students who are curious about an apprenticeship as an electrician for gaining experience, skills, and knowledge about the profession before pursuing the career.

#electrician #career #apprentice

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Karlee Aug 04, 2020 324 views

Opportunities for aspiring Forensic Science Technician?

I was wondering what training or experience opportunities one should pursue for a future career as a Forensic Science Technician or to work in a crime lab. Are there specific employers, internships, etc. to look for?
#technician #forensic #forensic-scientists

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Karlee Aug 03, 2020 330 views

I am wondering what kinds of courses students can take during their K-12 experience to prepare themselves for a career as an aerospace engineer?

I am currently a graduate student studying to be a school counselor. I am working on a project that focuses on preparing student for college and career readiness.

#stem #careers #engineer