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Rasbin S. Feb 12, 2016 787 views

I want to study aeronautic enginering bt i m biology student ,so can i study it ?

I m in doubt that with biology as compulsory subject and math as extra can i still have my aim come true? #engineer #professor #aerospace-engineering #giving-advice...


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Terri N. Mar 08, 2016 8703 views

Is it harder or easier to be an aviation mechanic or a car mechanic? Do you have to go to school for both of them? How long?

Can you please tell me why each one is easier or harder. I love working on cars, but working on planes would be an amazing career too. If they are similar, I would like to work on planes for a living. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of...

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Randall C. Mar 09, 2016 644 views

What exactly does a test pilot do? How would I go about becomming one?

I would love to hear more about being a test pilot. What exactly do you do? What steps did you take to become one? Why did you decide to be a test pilot and not a commercial airline pilot? I'm asking because I really want to fly planes for a living but i'm scared to have so many lives in my...

#airline-industry #pilot #aviation

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Tristen C. May 17, 2016 358 views
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Tristen C. May 17, 2016 424 views
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Nitya R. May 20, 2016 654 views

how to become an aerospace engineer

i am still in grade 10 so i gotta decide which subject i have to choose in my college #aerospace-engineering...


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Lisa P. May 21, 2016 596 views

What type of things do aerospace engineers do?

I'm a current high school student interested in engineering. I was curious about the types of things aerospace engineers do. Is it mostly Computer Aided Design? Do you visit launch sites? Do you oversee construction of things or do you work behind the scenes designing components on a computer?...

#aerospace #engineer #aerospace-engineering

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Brian C. May 23, 2016 10286 views

Industrial Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering?

I have a passion for Mechanical Engineering but I'm worried about keeping that passion as I progress through my career. I have heard that Industrial has even better pay and more demand nowadays....

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Austin U. May 24, 2016 713 views

What type of minor would go hand in hand with Mechanical Engineering.

I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I wish to find a minor that is going to be useful in later years to better my experience is work related situations. #engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Alyssa S. May 24, 2016 599 views

How difficult is it to go through the college courses for becoming an engineer?

My major is going to be in mechanical engineering. I am nervous to go to college for this because I am afraid of how difficult it will be. I wonder if I am cut out for this type of major and I don't want to start something that I cannot finish. So I want to know what I am up against for...

#major #engineering #mechanical

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Alyssa S. May 24, 2016 543 views

What are some possible job opportunities as an engineer? Where do I start after college?

Picturing myself as an engineer I don't foresee what exactly it is that I will be doing as a job. People ask me this question all the time but I honestly don't have a clue other than that I want to be a mechanical engineer. I am not really sure what I could do with that and how I should start...

#mechanical #career #engineering

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Rasbin S. Sep 09, 2016 592 views

can I still go for it ?

can I go for aeronautic engineering in masters level even if I had taken automobile engineering in bachelors level. #professor #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics...


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NIKHIL W. Mar 27, 2017 659 views

Now I am doing first year Diploma in Electrical and Electronics engineering. Is it possible for me to get a Bachelors of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering?

I would like to become an Aeronautical Engineer. I want to know that if I could study Aeronautical Engineering after completing my Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. #aerospace-engineering #aeronautical #aeronautical-engineer...


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Devetra C. May 09, 2017 546 views
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Olivia M. Jan 25, 2018 221 views

Where would a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science with a minor in Mathematics take me in a career?

Looking forward to eventual graduate work with strengths in science, math and chemistry, I am fascinated with the dynamics of weather. I want a good scientific or research related internship or employment with a weather-related agency, whether environmental or governmental. I know my strength...

#weatherjobs #atmosphericsciencecareers #math