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how to become an aerospace engineer

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i am still in grade 10 so i gotta decide which subject i have to choose in my college #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics

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Marcia’s Answer


Nitya, You can take many paths to become an aerospace engineer.

My path was by becoming a Mechanical Engineer (in 1983) and later taking the training to be an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic (Aircraft mechanic) and learning how to fix and maintain airplanes. Then I worked for the US Federal Aviation Administration as an Aerospace Engineer helping review aircraft design for safety (to meet the regulations).

My sister first became a private pilot, after high school, then she went to college to become an aerospace engineer, now she works for a company that makes electronics and communications equipment for aircraft.

I would really recommend taking a hands-on course or internship in the field you would like to work (such as mechanic or pilot) to learn how things work. Then the engineering will make more sense and you will visualize the reasons for the math and physics required.

Some schools - high schools and community colleges have such technical training.

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and thank you for your advice Nitya R.
Is it a dry topic or is it an interesting topic? Nitya R.
Wow thank you Marcia mam for the guidance Harsh S.