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How do I find jobs for a career I want, where do I look?

I want to be an aerospace engineer so I can design machines and vehicles that will enter the upper atmosphere and maybe even space itself.

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2 answers

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Marcia’s Answer

Hi Danil,
You ask about getting a job that will help you towards a career in design of machines and vehicles, including aerospace types.

If you are in High School, or at any level, I recommend that you look for an apprenticeship in any trade or hands-on job. For example, as electrician, plumber, carpenter, coding, data entry, welding, etc. Trades provide many skills that become very useful to understand the systems when you go into engineering. Airplanes and rockets require components of all of those fields.

With a trade you earn a valuable skill and you learn to measure, you learn to use tools, you learn about materials, you learn about fluid flow or electron flow, etc. When you study these subjects in engineering the drawings, equations and explanations make a lot more sense.

In your city, you may check with the Chamber of Commerce for a list of businesses in the area. They may also be able to let you know whether some have internship opportunities. Check for age requirements for the type of work. Call the businesses that attract your attention, explain what you are looking for (internship), if they don't have options they may suggest another business. It could be a factory, a museum, a welding shop, ship builders, etc.

Also, regarding aerospace, I recommend taking the Airframe and Powerplant course and getting the FAA License. This is a license to be an aircraft mechanic which includes helicopters, baloons (I'm serious), airplanes and spacecraft. It is a 2 year program usually. Then with that license you can get a good job and / or go on to engineering and learn to design the vehicles that you now know how to repair. You will know how difficult some repairs are because the engineers did not design for easy maintenance!

Best wishes in your job and career search.

Marcia recommends the following next steps:

1. go to google maps and look for electricians (or carpenter, or... ) in your area.

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David’s Answer

If you are still in high school/university you should talk with your career councilor (that was the title when I was in school).