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How difficult is it to go through the college courses for becoming an engineer?

My major is going to be in mechanical engineering. I am nervous to go to college for this because I am afraid of how difficult it will be. I wonder if I am cut out for this type of major and I don't want to start something that I cannot finish. So I want to know what I am up against for being an engineer. #engineering #major #mechanical

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4 answers

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Marcia’s Answer

It is difficult to say how it will be for you not knowing you, right?

I don't think I am particularly intelligent, however, I am persistent. I was usually the only girl in the engineering classes, it was my first time living in the United States (moved from Mexico), my first professors made fun of me for being more familiar with the metric system (not knowing how many feet in a mile on my first day of class), and they would not transfer my credits from my school in Mexico. So, I did not wait for others to help me. I asked for help. I asked to be tested in Math, Physics and other classes I thought I knew and I was given tests and got course credit for those (so I graduated in 3 years). I had to study hard but I also enjoyed many other clubs and activities during college, like the international club, spanish club, swimming, hiking, etc.

My advice: Aim high, don't be afraid to ask for help (professors, fellow students, staff). Give it your best. And... don't be afraid to change if it doesn't work out... there is no shame in that (many courses apply to other programs). Ask about the co-op program.

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Andrew’s Answer

Assume an average intelligent personnel, it is Very easy if focus and be disciplined, Very hard if lazy.

I fell SEVERAL courses with F for being lazy and thought it was too easy. After my fall, I came back strong and repeated all of them with A+ and earn Deal Scholar.

So, Please take my experience and be discipline.

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Simon’s Answer

Engineering isn't easy, you have to stay up with the work or you will falter. It really isn't a question how hard or easy the school work is. It's more of your interest in the subject matter. If you enjoy the subject and/or see the eventual goal, you will find the time to study. The first two years covering the basics were less interesting than the last two years where we moved into more engineering. If you dedicate yourself anyone can get an engineering degree. I did poorly in high school and ended up going to night school for 15 years while working full time and raising a family....I'm creative, but not particularly smart. I also battle with dyslexia!!! It's all in your attitude, dedication, and drive...all attributes that will help you in life. If I can do it, you can. Good luck.

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David’s Answer

I agree with the other comments: you need to be on it as priority #1 for at least the first 2 years, then it gets more applied and interesting. working as an engineer is much more fun and easy, and the pay is very nice. lots of work out there for a mechanical engineer! do it! The industry needs more women too.
community college during the summer is also an excellent way to more easily knock out the requisites such as calculus.
Check the school you go to, see what is the attrition rate. in mine, 50% of first year engineers either quit or failed out. that is a tough school, try to avoid that pressure maybe, and also ask about the local community college transfer ability, then tough it out for those years and you will be proud.