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Where would a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science with a minor in Mathematics take me in a career?

Looking forward to eventual graduate work with strengths in science, math and chemistry, I am fascinated with the dynamics of weather. I want a good scientific or research related internship or employment with a weather-related agency, whether environmental or governmental. I know my strength in math makes an impact. Do I want a weather-related career, or are there other careers out there for the Atmospheric Scientist? #atmosphericsciencecareers #weatherjobs #math

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Marcia’s Answer

Hi Olivia,
I recommend looking into internships with the government or co-op programs while in college. Look for job openings and read the requirements. This can help you select courses. See http://www.noaa.gov/ or https://www.epa.gov/ or https://www.usajobs.gov/

There are many kinds of jobs related to weather. For example NASA. You need to understand the weather to launch rockets. Other examples: Aviation, agriculture, ocean travel, you name it.....

I searched in usajobs.gov right now and saw that there are 120 positions in NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Government employment is very good even at entry level.
Check it out.
Best wishes,

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