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Ani Oct 10, 2022 254 views

How do I make money while traveling?

I would love to travel the world, visiting as many different places as I can, but I have no idea how to make money while doing so

Kelvin’s Avatar
Kelvin Nov 02, 2021 292 views

Can anyone help me get into coding?

Hey my name is Kelvin and I go to Phillip and Sala Burton High School. I like playing video games and would like to get into coding more. Any help? #coding #video-games

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Oct 05, 2021 356 views

Are there any good tools to help me create games at home? I see coding more as a hobby so I wonder what the best option for that is.

#video-games #hobby #programming #computers #coding

Sid’s Avatar
Sid Dec 01, 2021 318 views

What can help you get into the right direction for your career path?

I'm wondering on what can help in the direction to a career of law #law #career-choice ?

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 10, 2021 318 views

How can you turn a live action person into animation?

I notice this topic on movies, tv shows, and commercials.# #animation

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 10, 2021 384 views

How do I make roblox games?

Im 14 love roblox #gaming #game-design #computer-games #engineer #games

Sapi’s Avatar
Sapi Nov 05, 2021 281 views

Can you have more than 1 career?

Im into like helping others and like always giving a hand out no matter what it is. But then I also love to cook and bake also it runs in my family. Just love making others feel great and just want them to enjoy their selfs. #CNA #Baker

Kole’s Avatar
Kole Jan 16, 2018 449 views

How can I combine what I'm really good at, but don't particularly care for, and what I'm really good at, but is not a long term profession?

Hi. I'm a senior who has been very active in sports all my life. I'm a 4 sport athlete with tennis and soccer being my main sports that I excel in. I also excel in math. For a professional career, soccer or tennis is not realistic, but that's what I love. There are so many careers with a...

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Nov 08, 2021 390 views

What is the best career path to take if I want a stable job.

#career-path #psychology #career #job

Patryk’s Avatar
Patryk May 18, 2015 1016 views

What are some jobs that require a business major?

I am a 10th grader from Massachusetts and I enjoy math. Also I enjoy dealing with money. #business #money #math

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Nov 03, 2021 412 views

What is the day to day of a Financial Engineer like?

I am a Senior in college applying to Master's programs. I am considering many schools that have both Master's in Industrial Engineering, and Master's in Financial Engineering. Can anyone in either of these fields explain their day to day a little bit, and how I should decide which path to take?...

Emely’s Avatar
Emely Nov 02, 2021 270 views

Any websites that are good for a high schooler that is looking into coding?

Im in 11th grade and i've recently gotten interested in coding #coding #computer #technology

bryce’s Avatar
bryce Nov 02, 2021 630 views

What are the risks to becoming an entrepreneur?

- Likes to edit
- Social media "influencer"
- Into crypto
#social-media #networking #graphic-design

Sid’s Avatar
Sid Nov 05, 2021 298 views

How do you to deal with drama at school? How do you focus on school?

The drama at school is going too crazy and hurting people by there action, tacks lies, and misunderstanding.#school

Emiliano’s Avatar
Emiliano Nov 05, 2021 357 views

Is a college degree always necessary for a job?

I'm a junior at Philip and Sala Burton High School #job