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I am going to college for Mechanical Engineering in the fall. I want to know what type of minor if any would be good to get me ahead for the work force.

I want to know so that i optimize time in college. #engineering #mechanical

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2 answers

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Marcia’s Answer

Do something you enjoy. Here are some ideas that would also help with finding work in the field you like: 1. Get a mechanic certificate by taking the hands-on classes - whether it is for cars, airplanes (Airframe & Powerplant Mechanci), bikes, etc. It really brings to life all the theory you learn in class. 2. Get a minor in business. Companies like it when their engineers know to keep their designs within a budget or that they understand how to make a profit. 3. If you know another language, get a minor in that - being a global economy, any second language is an asset to an employer.

+1 for Marcia's answer. You can get a minor, or use your spare time to get involved with an undergraduate research project. Your best bet is to find the most interesting thing going on where you are and get involved with that. As an employer now, I rarely look at a minor as a credential, but someone with unique job-relevant experience is very appealing. Brett Leedy

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Wael’s Answer

Have you thought about getting a minor in math?