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I want to study aeronautic enginering bt i m biology student ,so can i study it ?

I m in doubt that with biology as compulsory subject and math as extra can i still have my aim come true? #engineer #professor #aerospace-engineering #giving-advice #educational-consulting

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2 answers

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Gabriel’s Answer

Hi Rasbin,

This question is somewhat difficult to answer because there are a lot of factors that go into studying a particular field beyond secondary school.

I would encourage you to look at colleges/universities/training schools that offer aeronautic engineering as a field of study. Browse their website for requirements or, even better, contact them directly and ask for their advice. They will be your best source of information.

By the way, compulsory subjects whether it is biology or any other subject, should not be a problem. Studying math as your extra class is a great idea because all engineering fields require extensive math knowledge.

Mr Gabriel you have just made by burden go out.I was just at a big stage of confusion ,even I was thinking my idea to choose math as extra as a wrong decision.Tqs for your valuable advice ... long live..:) Rasbin S.

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Marcia’s Answer

I agree with Mr. Fig.

Also, most types of engineering and other kinds of training are used in the aerospace field. Check the colleges in your area and talk to an advisor to find out how you can get started.