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Wesley’s Career Goals

I would like to attend a school with good aerospace engineering programs because my ideal career is an aerospace engineer.


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Wesley Apr 05, 2022 551 views

What type of work does an entry level aerospace engineer typically do?

I am a high school student interested in going into the aerospace industry but I have no idea about the work the engineers typically do.

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Wesley Feb 02, 2022 684 views

What's companies or organizations hire aerospace engineers?

I don't know any other besides Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop. #aerospace-engineering

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Wesley Feb 01, 2022 701 views

What is the hardest required class for aerospace major?

I'm just curious as to what I'm getting myself into.
#aerospace #college-major

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Wesley Oct 05, 2021 509 views

What courses may I have to take if I were to pursue aerospace engineering?


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Wesley Oct 05, 2021 677 views

What career paths can I take if I decide to major in aerospace engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #aerospace

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Wesley Sep 14, 2021 461 views

What type of engineering is the most challenging in terms of school?

Engineering is a field I would like to dive into when I am older and I would like to learn more about the different types. #engineering