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Should I try to get into a college that offers programs that get close enough to my choice career as possible?

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Thank you comment icon Hello! Don´t forget to research if there is market demand for your career. I wish you all the best. Pedro Serra Andrade
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4 answers

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Tyler’s Answer

This is not a bad idea at all. I would only suggest that you could tackle this from the other end as well. Many companies have tuition assistance and hands on programs available to their employees. You may need to work a role that is not your ideal Career choice, but many times the actual cost of the tuition is paid for by the company.

I am a huge fan of these programs for people who aren't sure on what field they want to go into, or for those who might not have the funds to pay for education on their own. Also when working with an employer you can see what the demand looks like for that role. Companies are only going to offer tuition assistance on education/classes/and trainings that translate directly into a job function.

This is not something I knew companies did when I was a younger man. It is a great alternative and lets you get working and earning while also getting the degree you wanted. It is something to consider.
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Anthony’s Answer

Please, note the following -
1. If you are able to determine
your choice of career in future,
attending a college that offers
programs relating to the college
is a good idea.
2. Consider the INTEREST you
you have in the programs.
3. Consider how the chosen
college can assist you achieve
your goal/objective.
4. Best wishes to you.
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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, Andreas,

I think it makes sense to consider whether the programs a college offers help you get into a career that interests you. If that isn't one of the primary factors you're considering when selecting a college, I think it's probably worth reflecting on what other things are competing with the career aspect. Some things I would think about when selecting a college are:
1) Does it have programs that will help achieve my career ambitions and/or gain experience in different fields while earning your degree (recognizing that you ambitions may change and allowing for some room to grow/learn what you're passionate about)?
2) Does the school have a suite of extracurricular programs that interest you?
3) Are you comfortable with the size of the school?
4) Does the school offer a setting that is compelling to you (e.g. located in a metropolitan area, rural, on one of the coasts, etc.)?
5) Do you have a plan for how to fund your degree and does that school fit into your budget?
6) Does the school offer something that will challenge you or help you grow into the best version of yourself?

Certainly not an exhaustive list, but hopefully that helps spur some additional reflection for you. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a follow-up question. Good luck!
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Brett’s Answer

I would chose the college that best aligns with what you want to achieve in building out your career. Also if you are looking at a specific career choice becoming an intern or finding a company that will pay for your college education is also a great start.