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Rebecca S. Jan 16, 2018 316 views

How do you negotiate salary?

I'll be graduating in a year and want to make more than the base pay but have no idea how to negotiate salary. Please help. #jobs #graduating #salary...


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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 3116 views
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Danish A. Jun 29, 2016 662 views

What salary should I ask for my first full time job?

I do not want to ask for too high of a salary because then there is a chance they won't hire me. But, I also do not want to earn less than what I deserve. Should I just take the offered amount or can I ask for a higher price? If so, what are good ways to negotiate a fitting salary? #interviews...

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Basseema A. Jun 01, 2016 946 views

When A Possible Employer Asks How Much You Are Looking To Be Paid?

I personally love interviews and I never have an issue with them but the one question that I'm always super frightened that I'm going to be asked is "How much are you looking to be paid?" What should I respond with??? Using a specific number seems like a bad idea to be since if you put it too...

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Victoria C. May 15, 2016 508 views

How do you ask an employer for a raise?

What is the best way to ask for a raise? This can be a touchy topic and I am not sure how to go about it. #salary...