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What steps should I take for pursuing a career in film CGI?

I’m considering a career in film CGI. At first, I was thinking film directing, but I’m not sure if that is an obtainable/reasonable career choice. I know that if I worked hard enough, I could probably land a few jobs here and there, but I also don’t want to be stuck directing advertisements and the such. My second choice was animation, but I’m not an amazing artist, and I know being able to draw is a big part of being an animator. The happy median I thought of was working in film special or visual effects of sorts, and the career option in that field that I am most interested in is working with CGI. I was wondering what classes or outside of school things I could take/work on to improve and boost the necessary skills to pursue that career choice, what colleges and/or programs you would suggest me to look into, and if this is a more obtainable/reasonable career choice for me to seriously look into and pursue than directing.

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