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What does a broadcast journalists daily life look like?

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

Beyond the fact-checking, interviews, proof-reads and contacts book, a journalist is expected to be on the edge of their culture. They’ll have in-depth conversations with an editor about what stories are current and unusual, suggesting a perspective on the world that should be brought to light. This could involve staying on top of political, financial and social developments, or researching celebrity and human interest stories.

For more info, check out: https://www.brightnetwork.co.uk/career-path-guides/journalism-publishing/a-day-in-life-journalism/

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Shanya’s Answer

Hey Sophie,

I am not a broadcast specialist so I couldn't tell you how their daily life looks like. However, I think it would be extremely helpful for you to reach out to a broadcast specialist and ask them directly. Platforms like LinkedIn allows users to search for specific job titles and through that, you can message someone with a broadcast journalist title (or something similar). This would also be a great way to build your network which may open some opportunities for you in the future.

Best of luck