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Luke N. Oct 14, 2015 677 views

What is it like being in media communications as a career?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am looking at potential careers for my future. Media communications is one that caught my eye and I want to find out more about it from a good source. Media communications seems like it would be an interesting career. Some questions I would like to ask are...

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RJ A. Dec 04, 2014 1018 views

What type of work goes on behind the scenes of a broadcast?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School interested in broadcast journalism and sports writing, and was curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at a studio #journalism #director #producer #sports-journalism...


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Sjason . May 23, 2012 1397 views

Becoming a sports broadcaster

I am Jason a 17 year old junior from new york and I wanted to know what steps I need to take in order to pursue my dream job as a sports broadcaster/journalist and what college courses or outside information I should look up or take? #sports #journalism #communications...


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Eperezfonseca13NFTEBOSS . Feb 15, 2012 1632 views

How do you go from college to a job as a sports broadcaster?

I'm considering going to college and majoring in Broadcasting or Journalism. I was wondering what steps to take in order to make it to the booth. #sports #career-paths...


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Richard . Jan 19, 2012 1558 views

What requirements does it take to become a good sports broadcaster?

im in 11th grade interested in the sports business. Im looking for someone as professional as Charles Barkley. #sports #media...