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Becoming a sports broadcaster

I am Jason a 17 year old junior from new york and I wanted to know what steps I need to take in order to pursue my dream job as a sports broadcaster/journalist and what college courses or outside information I should look up or take? #sports #journalism #communications #broadcaster

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2 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hello Jason,

In college or at a university you will want to study broadcast journalism. In the meantime, see if you can land an internship at a local television station and let them know you are interested in sports (you may not be able to start in that department right away...but if you are a team player and give 100% to the needs of the station you stand a good chance at gaining some valuable exposure and experience). If there isn't an opportunity at a local television station, try a college station or even a neighborhood network.

It might sound goofy, but you can begin practicing now. Get a few friends together for a sports commentary and videotape yourself and watch the video to see how you stack up to the pros. Would you want to watch yourself for an extended period of time? Are you dressed well? Do you have a confident posture? Do you communicate your ideas effectively and passionately? Are you objective (can you see both sides of the story)? Are you engaging or entertaining to watch? Better yet, find a mentor who is in the business of sports and have them review the video with you to discuss your strengths and areas where you can improve.

I would also encourage you to join your local Toastmasters to begin refining your public speaking skills. This will help you to communicate effectively, to learn how to engage your audience and how to keep them engaged.

Thank you! Santiago F.

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Joe’s Answer


The best thing you can do - especially at an early age - when getting into sports broadcasting/journalism is to get involved in whatever you can. Reach out to local newspapers and radio stations, often times smaller organizations are willing to let you can some preliminary work in. It's a great way to start honing your craft. Even if you want to get into TV, print and radio journalism are valuable because it forces you to work on your writing which is the single most important factor in all three of these professions.

Once you get to college, get involved with the student organizations be that the newspaper, radio station or campus TV station. Internships are big as well whether they be during the school year or the summer.

As far as the courses you should take in college, look for a school that has either a strong journalism or communications program.

Hopefully this helps!

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