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What is the best way to start and get into film making?

I'm interested in starting to make movies and i wanted to know where should i start.
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3 answers

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Charles,

I think this would apply for any field, but try and get an internship. If you can't find an internship, then reach out to several companies and ask if you can come and just shadow someone in the field.


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Jeff’s Answer

Hello, there are a few option that you can do, 1. if you are student then you can borrow from college has equipment to make film; 2. if you tried to own business for beginning, ether rent equipment in a short time, I know rent is cost money. 3. if working a part time that relate film industry, and if your boss allow to use equipment in their studio.

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Kris’s Answer

Hi, start looking for jobs as a PA (Production Assistant) to get an idea of the industry. There are a lot of different jobs in film making I recommend a pa because you can see what you like.

You also need to watch great videos to teach and enlighten you more on the job .... for you to achieve your goals .. Afunso M.