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What should I do for a filmmaking career in order to get noticed?

I enjoy creating ideas for films but I've always been more of a behind-the-scenes type of person so I have no idea how to get these ideas to the public. Should I continue to hammer out drafts and work on short films (posting it on social media) in order to get noticed? film film-production film-making

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4 answers

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Scott David’s Answer

You have to ask yourself what your goal is. Do you want to tell stories? If so, just keep working. What you focus on expands, and you will get better at it. Don't worry about people noticing you, if you care about what you're doing the right people will pay attention.

As an artist, as a writer, as Filmarker or actor, the idea is to be in service of a great story. That people notice you is secondary to expressing something about your life and experiences. Don't worry about anyone but you while creating, then at least it's honest.

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David’s Answer

Calvin, you want to be noticed. There are two sure fire ways to achieve that. One is to be really, really horrible and the other is to have something more to offer than the competition.
Film school is good but be forewarned, it will teach you how to make movies just like everyone else. Study films that may not be the greatest, study really poorly made movies (Woods, Corman etc.) Look for the little things that work and don't work. Go out and sit in restaurants, cafes, clubs and malls. Listen to how people talk to one another. Every conversation is in reality three conversations. The one in your head, the one in their head and the actual one. Write the third one.

Work on every project you can. I have 15 years working in Hollywood and four in Dallas. I still work on student films when I can.
Always be on time. Always be prepared and never forget once camera rolls something will break, fail or just not work. And that is what gaff tape is for.

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Korey’s Answer

I would recommend that you continue to write as much as possible if that is truly your passion. The more you do it, the better you will become. Ultimately you have to ask yourself how bad do you want it? If being a filmmaker is your goal then consume everything you can in order to sharpen your skills. The best material always rises to the top, that's how you get noticed.

Go get em! Good luck!

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Mark’s Answer

Okay, Calvin, look for a job behind-the-scene in the film industry to get started sharing your thoughts and feelings with the pros. At least, you could finally get noticed, and maybe appreciated. The producers of Reality TV are always looking for another idea. One possible problem to consider would be that ideas don't get copyrighted; it's the story that does. Certainly, you could learn more about the film industry by registering on Twitter, and following the ideas of the pros. What original idea that you've prepared for a specific audience has never been produced for entertainment. Best wishes.