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Gregory B.’s Avatar
Gregory B. Mar 28, 2014 1297 views

Creative Writing Day In the Life

How is the day of the life as a writer? Is it hard to get jobs to do. I have already started writing books but they are not completed yet, so is that a good start? english...


Edwin G.’s Avatar
Edwin G. Apr 02, 2014 1166 views

Is there any acting programs in NYC that are highly beneficial for a male teen actor?

currently I am a High School freshman and I am looking forward to becoming an actor, but I do not know of any acting programs that can provide me with the experience to forward the career. acting film actor film-making playwright...


Jamie R.’s Avatar
Jamie R. Apr 09, 2014 1902 views

I would like to know some tips for a person who wants to pursue a career in acting.

I recently grew upon a love for acting and I want to get to be a professional t.v. actress. acting...


Bob M.’s Avatar
Bob M. Jan 18, 2015 1416 views

What do you get in life from acting

I am telling my parents i want to be an actor but they told me i need to tell them why or i need to choose a new career i can use anybodies help career school acting...


Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Jan 20, 2015 1057 views

Can i pursue two careers?

All of my life i have been extremely passionate about movies. Ever since i was little i would always talk about them. Usually little kids would talk about sports or little kid stuff, i would always talk about stanley Kubrick, or Spielberg. I have always been very mature for my age. My dream...

anatomy screenplay doctor film forensic director

Aalayah N.’s Avatar
Aalayah N. Feb 26, 2015 970 views

How difficult was if for you to find an acting job out of hghschool/college?

I am a junior in high school and am considering majoring in theater. As much as i would like to do this I still would like to weigh out all of the pros and cons. I would like to know how long or difficult it was for you to find a job as either an actor for the big screen or live stage theater....

film-acting actor college theatre dance

Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015 1002 views

Would making short films help boost a career in film making?

Hello I'm a sophomore who has interest in filmmaking. I have written scripts for shorts films and webseries, but I was wondering that if I produced them now, would they help further my career when I'm applying for colleges? Thank you! films...


Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015 1461 views

What are some good audition tips?

I have auditioned for lots of plays, but they're all for children's theatre. I'm scared that when I audition for actual theatre, I'll freeze up and make myself look like an idiot. Do any actors/actresses have any good tips to help with preparation, nerves, and presentation? acting theatre...

broadway musical-theatre

Theresa J.’s Avatar
Theresa J. May 09, 2016 948 views

Did college help you become a better writer?

Hi, I am an aspiring writer and I am taking college-course writing classes and I am wondering if, as a writing, your college literature and writing courses benefited you any. And if so, which benefited you more: the study and analysis of literature, or the enhancing of your writing skills in...

author literature creative-writing

Ashley F.’s Avatar
Ashley F. May 11, 2016 802 views

Is college necessary for acting?

I'm curious to know if I need to attend an arts school in order to get more gigs. acting theatre...


Jenna C.’s Avatar
Jenna C. May 13, 2016 959 views

I really love to write, but I heard the journalism field is hard to get into. Where should I start?

I am thinking about majoring in journalism at Kansas University but I want to know if it's going to be worth my time. I really enjoy writing stories and designing pages for my school's newspaper. journalism writing news...


Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 13, 2016 760 views

Is a performing arts degree going to help me make it as an actor?

I've always been interested in being involved in film and television, but will a performing arts degree bring me any closer to that? I've heard those stories again and again about actors never taking a performing arts degree and yet they are able to get a break into acting. Is a performing arts...

television performing-arts actor film-acting acting

Carolyn B.’s Avatar
Carolyn B. May 18, 2016 939 views

What jobs besides fiction author could I use an English degree with specialization in creative writing for?

I've always had narrow interest revolving around fictional/fantasy ideas but I know that it's rather difficult to become successful in that area though I will try. I want to have some sort of back up plan if things don't work out for me that has at least some of my interest involved. english...

future-careers fiction-writing writer creative-writing

Gaby F.’s Avatar
Gaby F. May 19, 2016 788 views

What is the best university to go to if you want to major in Drama/Acting?

I personally am interested in majoring in Acting and I would love to hear an answer to this question. actor performing-arts...