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Halea’s Avatar
Halea Feb 09, 2017 1824 views

How does a typical day run for Broadway performers?

How long are practices? How frequent are they? #theater #theatre #musical-theatre #broadway

Kassidy’s Avatar
Kassidy May 22, 2016 3940 views

I want to become an actress but i also want to be a criminal justice lawyer- how do i pick?

I'm asking because I have always wanted to be an actress since I was four (I'm 19 now) and I also want to become a lawyer in criminal justice because I have seen a lot of bad people get away with a lot of things only because of their reputation status. #law #lawyer #acting #law-practice

Gwenevere ’s Avatar
Gwenevere Aug 11, 2016 3826 views

Film production versus film studies

What kind of careers are available from the two different areas of film degrees? #film

Alejandra’s Avatar
Alejandra Mar 22, 2017 677 views

What can I do to be successful in film production?

I´m a sophomore in high school and I have an interest in film producing. I am currently talking theater and journalism. I´m interested in making documentations and small films like that. I have no idea what classes I should take in junior/senior year and college. Should I continue in journalism...

Stephanie ’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 17, 2017 920 views

What is a guaranteed job with a theater major that's not teaching?

I want to major in theater also but I don't want to be a teacher. #theatre

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 11, 2016 1128 views

Is college necessary for acting?

I'm curious to know if I need to attend an arts school in order to get more gigs. #acting #theatre #drama

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa May 09, 2016 1279 views

Did college help you become a better writer?

Hi, I am an aspiring writer and I am taking college-course writing classes and I am wondering if, as a writing, your college literature and writing courses benefited you any. And if so, which benefited you more: the study and analysis of literature, or the enhancing of your writing skills in...

Carolyn’s Avatar
Carolyn May 18, 2016 1237 views

What jobs besides fiction author could I use an English degree with specialization in creative writing for?

I've always had narrow interest revolving around fictional/fantasy ideas but I know that it's rather difficult to become successful in that area though I will try. I want to have some sort of back up plan if things don't work out for me that has at least some of my interest involved. #english...

Gaby’s Avatar
Gaby May 19, 2016 1112 views

What is the best university to go to if you want to major in Drama/Acting?

I personally am interested in majoring in Acting and I would love to hear an answer to this question. #actor #performing-arts #drama

vinay kanth’s Avatar
vinay kanth May 03, 2016 1310 views

I want to become a film actor , what are process for it?

I have completed SSLC, Interested in acting

Beryl’s Avatar
Beryl May 22, 2016 2094 views

What are the most important skills to have to succeed in Entertainment Management?

I understand that networking plays an important role in the Entertainment Industry as a whole, which means social skills are a must in this industry, right? I worry because I can be a bit shy at times. Does this mean I will not be good in this field? I can be friendly, but I'm definitely not...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 21, 2016 1303 views

What should I do for a filmmaking career in order to get noticed?

I enjoy creating ideas for films but I've always been more of a behind-the-scenes type of person so I have no idea how to get these ideas to the public. Should I continue to hammer out drafts and work on short films (posting it on social media) in order to get noticed? #film #film-production...

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 13, 2016 972 views

Is a performing arts degree going to help me make it as an actor?

I've always been interested in being involved in film and television, but will a performing arts degree bring me any closer to that? I've heard those stories again and again about actors never taking a performing arts degree and yet they are able to get a break into acting. Is a performing arts...

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna May 13, 2016 1305 views

I really love to write, but I heard the journalism field is hard to get into. Where should I start?

I am thinking about majoring in journalism at Kansas University but I want to know if it's going to be worth my time. I really enjoy writing stories and designing pages for my school's newspaper. #journalism #writing #news #newspaper

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jun 03, 2015 1895 views

What are some good audition tips?

I have auditioned for lots of plays, but they're all for children's theatre. I'm scared that when I audition for actual theatre, I'll freeze up and make myself look like an idiot. Do any actors/actresses have any good tips to help with preparation, nerves, and presentation? #acting #theatre...